Grant helps fund wellness program for people with early-stage dementia

Dementia Australia Image

People with early-stage dementia will be empowered to live with confidence and manage their diagnosis more effectively with Dementia Australia recently receiving a grant for $70,000 from the Eastern Star Foundation.

With dementia being one of the major chronic diseases of this century, and currently the leading cause of death in women in Australia, Trusts and Foundations Coordinator at Dementia Australia, Hannah Parslow, said the grant will help develop and pilot a Wellness Enablement Program designed to educate and empower people living in early stages of the disease.

“The program will be developed by a team of dementia specialists and will use consumer input from people living with dementia and other dementia advocates to maximise the program’s efficacy and cover gaps in existing services,” said Hannah.

“Once the program has been developed, four pilots will be launched across Brisbane. The long-term goal is to have a national program that empowers people in early stages of this chronic disease to understand more about their diagnosis and to learn how to manage it.”

“Dementia is a life-changing condition and receiving a diagnosis can be met with different emotions ranging from sadness, anger or despair through to relief at finally understanding the cause of their symptoms.”

Eastern Star Foundation Chairman, Jonathan Nantes, said the initiative aligned well with the Foundation’s core purpose which was to empower organisations that provide dignity, hope and independence for the aged.

“The Foundation supports evidence-based programs and initiatives that help the aged to remain independent, practice choice, participate in their community and have a support network,” said Jonathan.

“We are pleased to be able to provide this grant which will empower Dementia Australia to develop and pilot a Wellness Enablement Program to help address an important need in our ageing community.”

This year, the Eastern Star Foundation has awarded over $272,000 in grant funding to empower organisations that help to enhance the quality of life for our ageing communities. In addition to the grant to Dementia Australia, grants were also awarded to Australian War Widows Queensland, Gunther Village at Gayndah, and The Humour Foundation.


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